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Someday Isle
"A New Country Container for the Arts"



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(Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have any questions or comments, contact us at (320) 676-1962 or

Question: Do you accept credit cards at the gift shop?
Answer: Yes. We accept Discover, Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

Question: How do I sell here?
Answer: Vendors accept an initial membership investment, which provides them with 100% of the profit from the retail sale of their items. Contact Someday Isle for further details.

Question: Can I make a living doing this?
Answer: It is possible that this can at least supplement your income. To "make a living" depends on a few factors. First of all, it takes time and a lot of effort to build up a business. You have to look at what you're doing as a business, not a hobby, and do what a successful entrepreneur would do to develop a business. It is the goal of Depot Studios, and all of its entities, to help people achieve financial security. Sparking the entrepreneurial spirit and assisting people achieve their goals is an integral part of our goals. Contact Someday Isle for further details. 

Comment: You must get a lot of grants.
Response: We have been fortunate in that we have received a few grants that have helped us tremendously. However, most grants are for a specified period of time, one year for example, and for a specific project. Therefore, we frequently seek grants to help sustain us in our future endeavors.

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